hi! it's jnnfrachng

I go by Jenn most of the time. You can find me documenting my food or friends. If I’m not photographing something, I can be found typing on my laptop or snacking away.

I'm a multimedia creative who wants to spread culture through food and pivot editorial fashion in a more ethical direction. I'm a sucker for memoirs and feature stories. Perhaps I'm a little nosy, but it's the #journalist in me. I want to make the world a better place by connecting the stories and lives of those around me.

what i offer

I write and edit. I'm a fan of the Oxford comma and use it frequently. I have the most experience with news writing but can catch on quickly. I cover all things food, culture, and entertainment. I keep up with world affairs and the latest social media #trends. Instagram and TikTok are my favorite platforms, and I love hashtags — if you couldn't tell by now. Content creating, video editing, scripting, narrating, and anything requiring an ounce of creativity are also my forte. Please send professional inquiries my way!

resume available upon request at jnnfrachng@gmail.com